Dancer Testimonials

“You will get so much more than what you pay for because they teach from the heart. Thank you VZ Dance Studios!”
– Julie H.
“Dancing changed my life. Since I’ve started dancing, I’ve lost 45 pounds, met lifelong friends, and gained enormous confidence. And VZ Dance Studios changed my dancing. From social parties to training for competition, VZ is the place to go!”
– Cindy M.

“My sister and I started taking dance lessons in 2007 because we wanted a new hobby that we could enjoy together. We didn’t realize how big a part of our lives dancing would become.”
– Lesley P.

“The joy of ballroom dancing changed my life. VZ ballroom studio is practically my second home where I’ve found the best instructors in town and the friendliest bunch of people who just love to dance the night away.”
– Janie T.

“When I moved to Las Vegas in July, I knew no one outside of my family. A good friend of mine from Kansas insisted that I take dance lessons from Vartan at VZ Dance Studios. As soon as I walked in, I was given a very warm welcome! The staff and students have made a great effort to make me feel very much at home. I am happy to have made so many friends at VZ and I feel like part of the family! Thank you all so much for everything!”
– Angelique M.

“VZ Dance Studios is like a great family that s always supportive and encouraging! The teachers are phenomenal, and I’ve learned so much and had unbelievable amounts of fun! The friends I’ve made here will be with me the rest of my life. I can never wait to go to the studio for classes or lessons, or just to practice. VZ has changed my life.”
– Kimberly M.